Bypass Feeders

Bypass / Filter Feeders are a convenient and safe way of introducing treatment chemicals, like corrosion & scale inhibitors, into hot or chilled water circulating loops. "GTP" Bypass / Filter Feeders in 1, 2, 5 & 10 gallon flat or dome bottom models, easy "add-in-field" pleated filter capability, optional quick closure or high pressure versions, a tough oil based enamel paint and the best warranty on the market, makes our feeder the choice of industry professionals. Versatile by design, standard feeder with 3" bolted closure is service ready at 300PSI/200F and can be order as with a fill funnel and valve at no extra charge. Optional low pressure 3 1/2" quarter turn closure is a preferred choice for addition of chemical and ease of servicing. (200PSI/200F)