BR15: 15 lb. Bromine Feeder

  • $ 316.00

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Model: BR15
Description: 1 Gallon 15#, PVC Bromine Feeder
3/4" Ports
Dims: 5" x 5" x 23"
Note: 1) PVC Bromine Feeders are rated 70 psi @ 85 Deg. F (HP to 100 psi) 2) All Broine Feeders come standard with O-Ring Sealed Closures
3) Custom Sizes are available upon request
Bromine Feeder Options & Accessories:
Option          Descripton
-VPBR           3/4" PVC Valve Package for Bromine Feeders
-VPBR-15     1 1/2" PVC Valve Package for Bromine Feeders
-ARP             1/4" PVC Air Release Valve (Standard on 8" Body Feeders) 
-PG100P        1/4" Pressure Gage with PVC/Teflon Isolator
-FC03P          3 gpm PVC Flow Control Valve
-FC05P          5 gpm PVC Flow Control Valve
-FI10             10 gpm Polysulfone, Viton and 316SS Flow Indicator
-TS80M         3/4" Polypropylene, 80 Mesh T-Strainer
-STRP4          1.63" Strut and 4" pipe clamps for wall mounting
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