Industrial Furnaces

InPart is well suited to meet your industrial furnace needs. We are a manufacturer’s rep firm that works with several furnace manufacturers. We can meet your needs. Simply contact us and we will come to your site and work directly with you to determine what furnace is best for your needs.


Water Treatment Services

We now offer Water Treatment Services and chemistry.


InPart Water Treatment Services

  • Boiler Water TreatmentInPart Offers Water Treatment Services
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • RO Service Plans
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Individual designs and solutions

Water Treatment Equipment

InPart offers a complete line of equipment for your industrial water chemical treatment needs.


Chemical treatment equipment

  • Boiler Controllers
  • Cooling Tower Controllers
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Chemical Metering Pumps
  • Skid Assemblies
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Flow Meters
  • Rotometers
  • Chemical Bypass Feeders / Filter Feeders / Bromine Feeders
  • Clean Tower Systems
  • and more.

Certified Calibrations

Need your Heat/Treat Equipment Calibrated?

Are you looking for someone that can certify your heat/treat equipment. Look no further! InPart now offers field calibration services.


  • No hassle calibration
  • Field Technician certification
  • Recommendations for replacement equipment: Proposals for new equipment easy and quick.
  • Chart Recorders
  • Heat Scale Testing and Calibration.
  • Cost Effective solution
Certification Services