Shipping Policy

InPart, Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide range of products. As orders can include multiple items and be shipped from our warehouse, or from companies we work with. Therefore, it is our shipping policy to pass through any shipping costs without adding fees, save handling fees which may be incurred from companies we work with or costs associated with packaging, to you. The cost for shipping goods to you will be equal to what it costs us. We work diligently to obtain for you the best price available, based upon our options at the time we are looking to ship the product. This means that we work with LTL Carriers, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other services and ship at the lowest or best option at the time. You will be provided the shipping cost, which you must pay for as part of your order, prior to our shipping your item(s). We do not PP&A shipping unless we offer you a Net 30 terms. Pay per order, orders which you generate and then pay for prior to our shipping the goods to you, will contain the shipping rate prior to InPart, Inc. shipping any goods to you.

Return Policy

InPart, Inc. return policy is twofold. Part A: Products we manufacture, Part B: Products we distribute and/or resell.

Part A: Products we manufacture have a 30 day return policy. The buyer must pay for the return shipping cost, when returning items under Part A. Items must be in their original, undamaged, condition. Items do not have to be in the original packaging. InPart, Inc. understands that you must open and inspect the items to make sure they are what you were looking to purchase. We expect you to ship the items back to us in a reasonable manner so that we receive them in an undamaged condition. It is your responsibility to contact the shipping company and work with them to receive reimbursement for Items you receive which are damaged in shipping. For example: If you receive a package, which we shipped via [Shipping Company], and that box is damaged, and the items inside are damaged because the shipping company damaged the box, you must contact [Shipping Company] and work with them to receive a refund. InPart, Inc. will make every effort to assist you and the [Shipping Company] to process the requested “damaged in shipping” refund. InPart, Inc. does not insure packages for more than the standard insurance rate offered by the shipping company we choose to work with for your order. If you wish to purchase additional insurance you must inform us prior to our shipping the item to you, which occurs after you’ve paid for the item. As that’s the case please email us: karl.p[at] and inform us you wish to include additional insurance. We will reply and discuss your order with you and then work out the final cost for shipping.

Part B: Items which InPart, Inc. distributes and/or resells are sold as is and are not generally returnable. We value your business and are happy to work with the company(s) we purchase items from or distribute for to obtain authorization to return the item(s). All Part B items must be returned to us, and not the manufacturer. You must contact us via email: karl.p[at] to receive instructions on how to proceed prior to return any items to InPart, Inc.. If we are able to receive authorization to return the item(s) there may be a restock fee, which you will be responsible for. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the item(s) back to InPart, Inc. and must make every effort to pack the item(s) properly so that they are not damaged in shipping. Once we receive your return the item(s) will be processed for return. Once InPart, Inc. receives credit for the item we will credit you either as company credit or a refund (minus applicable restock fees, should they be incurred). InPart, Inc. may charge you a restock fee as well, if we incurred additional expenses in processing the return of the Part B item (items we do not manufacture).