Gas Fired Envelope Kiln – up to 2,250 degrees Fahrenheit


Gas Fired Kilns 2,250°F

Ceramic Industry Gas Fired Envelope Kiln

If you’re in the ceramic industry and looking to repair or replace your Gas Fired Envelope Kiln InPart can help. As the leader in Gas Fired Envelope Kilns for Industrial Furnace overseeing the Southern Region we specialize in Kilns for the ceramic industry. Our Gas Fired Envelop Kilns are offered with:

  • Eight inch thick high alumina ceramic fiber insulation on walls, doors, and the roof.
  • Our platforms are lined with seven inches of thermally graded insulating firebrick.
  • We use atmospheric burners, an economical combustion system.
  • Our units come with an electric ignition on each burner.
  • We offer multiple zones of temperature control which provides you with uniformity.
  • Our units have an operating temperature up to 2,250°F.


Our Gas Fired Envelope Kilns are available with these options:

  • Sealed Burners are available.
  • Vertical lift or side swing doors.

For professionals in the Ceramic Industry that demand exacting standards InPart is proud to offer our Gas Fired Envelope Kiln. These kilns have a very rigid construction and come with eight inch thick insulation on all key points. And if you are in a hurry we can examine the possibility of an expedite fee. We’ll keep you updated via email as soon as we have any information on the equipment you’ve ordered and let you know how the job is coming along. Working with InPart is like working with family, we care that you receive the best.

For those of you that haven’t visited their website there is a wealth of information on the Ceramic Industry’s website. Simply click the link and head on over. There you can find out about their latest news, get an introduction to their column, and find out what’s going on in the ceramic world. Their magazine if full of information that you’ll find useful.

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